Return and Exchange Policy

Inspired jackets always try to please their customer with the best quality, best design, and best time. Our purpose is to make our client happy with our best quality jackets, we aspire to make long-term relations with our customers, and we never wish to make them upset. In case if you are not satisfied with our products and if you wish to return or exchange them, then you must keep the following point in your mind while applying for the exchange and return.

1. We only provide the size that you have asked for, we have no control over size, because we issue only that size which is required by you, but in such cases where there is an issue of size, then you must fill our return form within 72 hours. Furthermore, you can send a picture of yourself in our jacket. It is recommended to you that you check carefully check on your measurement while placing an order. Remember we will only entertain your request if you fill the form within our time limit, i.e. 72 hours

2. If there is any conflict between the colour of the online image, and the colour of the product that you have ordered, then you must send us the pictures to our given email address, within our time limit to avail our exchange policy (Conditions Apply)

3. In case if you have ordered two identical products in a single order, the return and exchange offer of the inspired jacket will not be applicable.

4. Once the order has been processed there will be no changes in the size, product, and colour.

5. Our exchange and refund policy are only applicable to the products bought from Inspired jackets.

6. Return and exchange policy of inspired jackets is only applicable for 60 days, after the original purchase has been made, once the time period exceeds, with will not entertain any queries.

7. For the purpose of exchange and refund, you can request for RMA Number(Request Merchandise Authorization)

8. There should be a valid reason for returning a jacket.

9. We will not return the jacket if it is not in the original packaging, if there is any removed tags, broken zipper or any stains, we will not apply our refund and exchange policy. We will not entertain any request if there is any damage caused by you.

10. In case of any return, the customer will bear the shipping charges.

11. Make sure to check your measurement prior to placing an order

12. However issue of size can also be exchanged, it will not be refunded; if you want a refund policy then $89 will be deducted from the original price.

13. If you want to exchange the jacket, then $75 will be charged

14. If you have any issues with size, or if you have ordered a wrong size, then you will bare $40 for shipping and handling charges, along with $50 for an exchange policy.

15. All shipping charges will be beard by the customers, and $40 will be deducted as a restocking charge.

16. Even if you are cancelling your order within a day, a deduction of 25% will be charged from your ordered amount, if you cancel your order within 72 hours, then a deduction of 45% will be charged. If 7 days have been passed we will not entertain any requests for cancellation of the order.

17. There is no exchange and refund policy for customizable jackets, custom-made jackets are made on your request only.

Following are the rules in case of cancellation of a product.


Inspired jackets have a right to whether to acknowledge your request or not, under special cases, you must provide each and every detail provided. There can be a human error from our side as well, for example, pricing issues; inspired jacket will inform you prior in such cases. If you are using a debit or a credit card then you must hold duplicates of exchange receipts and merchant arrangements and principles. If you cancel your order within 72 hours, a deduction of 25% will charges, if you cancel the order within 3 days, 45% will be deducted from your amount paid. No cancellation requests will be entertained after seven days.

Refund Policy:

We will only acknowledge refund policy if 29 working days has been passed, and the still there is no delivery, it is recommended to you that you confirm the mode of payment within 29 days, you can request for tracking order from inspired jackets, if the consignment does not come within a time limit of 6 days. if we are unable to confirm the delivery to the specified address, inspired jackets will refund the amount ( including shipping and handling charges)

Return Address:

1033 O melveny St

Pacoima 91331, CA